Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gay Marriage Is A Go!

It was mostly quiet in New York around 11:00 pm July 24th, save for the raucous crowd at Stonewall.
No reports of overturned, burning cars came in. The NYPD and governmental districts were still running as of the late hour. Martial law wasn't declared to keep citizens under control.
Anarchy sure doesn't sound as dangerous as former NY Giant David Tyree made it out to be.
It wasn't until daybreak when local stations started their rounds that everything fully sunk in. Equality just opened its doors to a populace it had long shut out.
As of now, all members of the NY LBGTQ community can walk down church aisles to eternal bonds with one another.
July 25th marked the start of a new New York. One that felt right. With the Marriage Equality Bill in the record books, the 42nd NYC Pride March became a guaranteed walk along the same historical path as celebrations following the 1954 Brown v Board of Ed ruling.
The significance wasn't lost on those stamping along Sunday's route, specifically for Desean Irby, 20.
"It's the same weekend of them passing the bill for us to legally get married in New York State", Irby remarked shortly before the celebration began.
"It's the most unifying experience I've ever had being at any Pride parade ever in my life."
"It's one of the best. I feel as though that this parade right here is gonna set the tone for everything we represent as LBGT."
Indeed, the parade was festered with an above-average (what else?) pride. As I stood aboard the float for The Door, a youth haven for LBGTQ youth, during the trek to Christopher Street, the average moments you'd come to expect were evident.
But among the cross-dressers, rainbow Storm-troopers and topless lesbians asserting their rights, there were signs from couples professing their plans to marry. People stood wearing tuxedos and wedding dresses. One community member even held a sign saying, "Some Pussies Marry Pussies." These lovers had a warmth-turned-flaming passion, birthed by Andrew Cuomo just 48 hours before.

Of course, the religious right made guest appearances along the route. One man held a sign asking if there were any same-sexers at the Last Supper.
In a sign of the times though, a Catholic Church near the parade's end expressed support for Pride, showing that even the devout can change their stance on the issue.
According to Health Day News, kids raised by LBGTQ parents are psychologically healthier, do better at school and have smaller incidences of social problems than their peers. Turns out that for all the talk about their inability to make babies, homosexual couples sure know how to raise them better than straight parents.
Maybe we can learn something from them.
Adding marriage to that equation will serve benefits for both parties, should something happen to mommy and mommy. Or daddy and daddy.
As for that football player, Sarah Mickler, Supervisor of Runaway Youth and Homeless Youth Services at The Door, wasn't worrying about any Fascist state uprisings.
"Well, it's passed, and so far there hasn't been any anarchy. There's just been a lot of fun and celebration. So I think we're okay."